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The Best Advertising Is Free

Posted in Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

It’s called publicity. When you or your firm gets mentioned in the media, and better if you are quoted, it’s instant credibility. And it’s FREE (unless you hire a PR agency to help) Regular advertising is less effective IMHO because you are writing the copy and, of course, it is self-serving. Further it costs you… Continue Reading

Publicity vs. Advertising

Posted in Marketing Tips

It is not a bad idea to remind ourselves once and awhile about the differences between advertising and publicity. I’ve written on the topic several times and reference a couple of them with links below.  It’s important to keep in mind that (good) publicity is more effective than advertising, because someone else is quoting you… Continue Reading

Don’t Waste Your Money On The Yellow Pages

Posted in Marketing Tips

There’s a great discussion over on LinkedIn’s Marketing the Law Firm group about the value of advertising in/on the Yellow Pages. I support most of the ideas or comments made there and suggest you take a look at the discussion. I have never been big on advertising, period. It does not make my top 10… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Your Advertising Raise False Expectations

Posted in Marketing Tips

I’m not a big fan of advertising for most firms. That’s because there are so many other things a firm can do first to effectively gain clients, but haven’t tried enough of. So, until they’ve done other more effective things, i.e., face-to-face kinds of business development, advertising is a waste of money IMHO. And, it… Continue Reading

Top 10 Marketing Tips: No. 8 – Take a Reporter To Lunch

Posted in Marketing Tips

Developing relationships with reporters and editors is an excellent objective for lawyer-marketers. Your purpose is obvious. By getting to know media contacts (general, business and legal), they may call you when they need a lawyer’s perspective. They will appreciate it also, because they are always looking for good sources of information, particularly when they are covering a case… Continue Reading

Marketing vs. PR vs. Advertising

Posted in Marketing Tips

Some lawyers not trained in business still miss the distinction between various terms used in conjunction with the general term “marketing.” Marketing is a process not an activity. It consists of many things that together make up marketing – including public relations and advertising, which simply put are tools of marketing. The main difference between… Continue Reading

Does Your Firm Have a Marketing Cop?

Posted in Marketing Tips

If it doesn’t, it needs one. I’ve enjoyed Patrick Lamb’s posts over the years at In Search of Perfect Client Service; and have been remiss in not linking to them more recently. He had a post last month that I missed at the time, but I’m glad I ran across it. Patrick states that for marketing… Continue Reading

NJ Supreme Court Restores Advertising Sanity – Sorta

Posted in Marketing Tips

Since it may have implications on the ethics rules relating to marketing in many other states, and having covered Opinion 39 of the NJ Committee on Attorney Advertising here in several posts, I’m happy to report that the New Jersey Supreme Court struck down the ban on attorneys advertising their selection and listing in “Super… Continue Reading

Which is Better: Advertising or Public Relations?

Posted in Marketing Tips

Law firms have asked me whether they should undertake an advertising or public relations campaign. My response can be both or neither. The reason is that until a firm has done the basics involving strategic marketing planning, either or both could be a total waste of money. If a firm doesn’t know where it wants to end… Continue Reading