New York City Mayor Ed Koch was well-known for asking a single question, whether speaking to audiences at public gatherings or to reporters, “How’m I doin’?”

June is the middle of the year and a good time to review how you are doing with your Marketing activities.

Conduct a quick audit. Consider how much time you, an employee, or a consultant are spending on a given activity. Review the results of your efforts to date and plan for the balance of the year.

  1. Choose. Between media relations, social media, website, newsletter, video, and marketing collateral, it is unlikely your firm can deliver equally well in all these arenas. Select the ones that have delivered the greatest ROI, based on dollars and time. Confirm that you will continue to give each activity sufficient support and resources. 
  2. Schedule. Develop a calendar with deadlines for client alerts, articles, email newsletters, and postal mailings. Prepare social media posts using automated tools, like Buffer or Hootsuite whenever possible. You can also publish posts on LinkedIn for a future time.
  3. Multiply. Increase the opportunities for your content to be seen by distributing it widely. A webinar becomes an article in an industry publication or a legal journal. Sections of the article become social media posts. Create a video on the topic. 
  4. Update your free giveaway material. Your downloadable checklist of best practices or a quiz must be timely and current. Providing useful information, for the price of an email address, will set you apart from your competitors – or help you keep pace with them. Be sure to include your branding and contact details; often the giveaway is passed on to someone else: a family member, employee, or supervisor.
  5. Evaluate your promotional item. How well does it convey your knowledge and experience? Don’t let it be just another pen, like the one you picked up at the bank.
  6. Participate in networking groups and bar associations. Organize a panel discussion, where you will speak or moderate. Write an article for the newsletter. Contribute to the listserv. Comment on the group’s social media posts.
  7. Re-connect with lapsed clients and referral sources by sharing an article you wrote or read. Arrange a networking squared conversation with two contacts whose business or practice aligns; they will become acquainted, and you’ll get an update on what’s new in their arena.

Other possible activities for review include:

  • Contact with reporters at legal, general business, and industry publications
  • Directory listings
  • Elevator pitch for attorneys and for general audiences
  • Email signature
  • Online search for mentions of your name and firm
  • Speaking on podcasts
  • Website update

Consider this checklist and take action to ensure you put your best foot forward throughout the rest of 2024 – and beyond.

Janet Falk is a Public Relations and Marketing Communications professional at Falk Communications and Research who advises attorneys and law firms on best practices to promote themselves. She offers a review of your Public Relations and Marketing activities in a Complimentary 30-minute consultation. She guarantees TWO Ideas. Contact her at 212.677.5770 or email at