John Jantsch gets another mention this week due to his comment in his interview with Business Week Online where he talks about about marketing being a system rather than an event.  I’ve mentioned John’s marketing system and shared some of its high points in an earlier post.

In his interview he states that taking marketing “to the next level requires a more integrated approach system and more investment in the front end.”  That, folks, is called “planning.”

When asked for his view on the key things that are essential to marketing, he lists three that small businesses (read law firms also) must do: 

  • Differentiate yourself from others (develop a niche practice or service quality),
  • Use technology to “educate, market and generate leads” especially on the Internet, and
  • Work on word-of-mouth referrals.

Law firms need to accomplish these things too, but they can’t if they don’t plan them.  So, stop chasing the idea or event of the week by planning your legal marketing.  It really will take your law firm to the next level.