Sometimes I run across an article or blog post that just strikes me for its simplicity and clarity. Such was the case when I ran across an article by Orlando attorney Tony Sos that appeared in the most recent online issue of Law Practice Today. His “boots on the ground” marketing tips were primarily designed for the young lawyer, but I find that too limiting. Many experienced lawyers can benefit from the advice, even if only as a refresher.

So let’s get right to them:

  1. Work at being top of mind with clients and referral sources. (Sos only mentioned referral sources here, but I include clients since, to state the obvious, they are an incredible source of referrals.) I liked his idea of planning each month to takeg “X” referral sources to lunch (or coffee if your budget is limited). I also favor building a quarterly contact list of contacts to at least touch in some manner (by email, telephone, visit, lunch, or sending its information of interest) each quarter. Say your list is only 50 people, that amounts to 200 touches/top of mind opportunities in a year. It works;
  2. Speak to overcome inexperience and raise profile. That is why this tip is No. 6 on Kane’s Top Ten Marketing Tips. And when you have an upcoming speech, let people know about it on social media, as well as those on your contact list (you can also turn your speech into an article for publication (No. 7 on my list) in both print and online media);
  3. Actively seek out opportunities to make referrals. One way to do that according to Sos is to make a list of noncompeting attorneys and their areas of practice. When you have the opportunity or are asked, you can quickly refer to your list and make a referral(s) quickly when the opportunity presents itself. Make sure to let the referral source or sources know that you have made the referral;
  4. Become involved in organizations where your ideal clients hang out. This is No. 10 on my list of top marketing tips, and can include local chambers of commerce or trade groups that current clients and/or your ideal clients belong to. Keeping abreast of issues affecting such groups, you can offer to make a speech (or write an article) for their members. This also helps with accomplishing tip number 2. above; and
  5. Do excellent legal work. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this one. Not really!  Us old guys can relate to the bygone days when all it took to get more business was to do good legal work. We know better today, and that is why it is number five on this list. It is critical for success, but you need to do much more in today’s competitive marketplace.

As I say, these are pretty basic and straightforward tactics to increase your business development for both the younger and more experienced attorneys. Stop procrastinating and start implementing these tips today.