I was talking with a client today about an article opportunity and on the surface it sounded very attractive. This publication’s target market is a good one, the magazine has published my client’s work before, so she already has some exposure to their readers and she can easily figure out a strategy for the article.

Sounds very doable… RIGHT? On the surface it does. But when we start to think of all the other irons she has in the fire it may not seem so attractive. The big question is… What is the opportunity cost?

1. What will she set aside in order to have the time to devote to this article?

2. Is THIS target market where she can get the most return on the time invested?

3. What is the projected time frame to expect a return on the time invested from this article?

After careful consideration the conclusion is: She needs to FOCUS and spend her time more wisely. Work on client matters, continue to stay in-touch with prospects that are considering the possibility of hiring her in the near future and complete the writing assignments she has already committed to. That is what’s at stake if she loses focus. A much wiser course of action… don’t you think?

She’s a get-it-done-kind-of-gal. She first sees the WHY she should do it… then she sees the HOW to get it done. She is a lot like me and chances are, many of you. Let’s add a third step… ask "WHAT is the opportunity cost of doing it?" This will help set priorities and will help you FOCUS…FOCUS…FOCUS!