As I’ve mentioned many times, your marketing plan is a constantly evolving entity. Because of that, it’s important to revisit your plan on a regular basis and see where adjustments need to, and can, be made. The end of the year is a great time to do this—you’re able to take stock of the year that was and see where you can make both time and fiscal investments in marketing and business development in the year to come. A few quick questions to ask yourself before you begin:

Did I make marketing and business development a priority this year?
If not, why? (time, money, lack of focus…) If so, how?
How many new clients did I bring in this year? What drew each of them to me?
How much business came from existing clients? Did I seek it out or did it fall in my lap?
How many “missing” clients did I reconnect with?
How much did I increase my visibility this year? What’s on the first page when you Google your name?
Did you build relationships with other lawyers? With clients? Within your industry or community?
How many articles did I write?
How many speeches did I give?
How much did I further/update/increase my presence on my social media?

Black Pearl: Here are more questions to ask yourself "How Full is Your Bucket?". It may spark ideas that create the foundation for WHY you should be growing your business. Authors Tom Rath and Donald O. Cliffton talk about making every moment matter and created a Positive Impact Test…take the test.