Building a network of referral sources isn’t easy. In fact it’s harder than passing the bar. Why would I say that? Because I see it every day… lawyers, bright and knowledgeable in their practice areas, that have few relationships that send them work. So the logical conclusion… it must be harder than passing the bar! Wouldn’t you agree? Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be so hard. Maybe it’s just your point of view, your attitude and your perspective that are holding you back.

Referral sources… who are they? They are your colleagues, your co-workers, your friends, your fans and sometimes even your opposition.

Where do referrals come from? From human contact. From the art of asking. And most importantly trust… trust that it is the human condition to want to help one another.

Watch this TED Talk by the performing artist Amanda Palmer and think about how this could apply to building your network of legal referral sources. (Okay… autographs may not be appropriate in your legal practice!)