With the crush of year-end and the busyness of the holidays, I decided to post an encore of a
holiday post I did on December 18, 2007 on reaching out to clients and referral sources by telephone (at least) during the holidays. Personal attention is better than (but not to the exclusion of) holiday cards.

How did you find your last real estate agent? I bet it was via a referral. Take a lesson.

Some of the greatest marketers I know are realtors. And when it comes to referrals? They’re masters. In fact, most established real estate agents work solely off referrals from past clients. Sure, the businesses may be

A long list of organizations may look impressive to some, but how much is it really helping your marketing and business development?

This week we asked: How many organizations do you take an active leadership role in?

1. None – 0%

2. 1-3 – 72%

3. 4-6 – 0%

4. 7-10 – 28%

5. More

Your friends and family can be an incredible source of referrals… as long as they know just what it is that you do.

This week we asked: What percentage of your friends and family truly know what you do?

1. Less than 25% – 35%

2. 25-50% – 40%

3. 51-75% – 17%

4. 76-100%