It may seem strange, but translating your blog to video is much easier (and more sophisticated) than you think.

This week we asked: Would you use video to reach out to potential clients and colleagues?

1) Yes, it sounds like a great idea. – 71%

2) No, too much like a commercial. – 6%

3) Maybe, it depends on the video. – 23%

My Thoughts: It seems as though almost all of you (about 94%) are open to using video as a medium to connect to with readers. It’s an exciting prospect. Video is a fantastic way to help readers get to know you better—provided you stay true to your content, your brand and your audience. The easiest way to get started is to use content you already have.

Have a great power point presentation that you use on a regular basis? Translate it into a video and post it on your blog (Instructions and Tips here). Now you’re giving readers even more value via your online presence. Just remember:

                     • Keep it short.
                     • Make sure its branded (your firm name and website/blog should be on all slides).
                     • Speak clearly.
                     • Address a need or subject that hits home for your readers.

Connect with your readers, give them something they can use and see the results!

Black Pearl: Interested in learning more about video? Find some interesting information and quick tips at The Lawyer’s Video Studio.