Mother’s day is next Sunday and Seth Godin recommends a TRUE JEWEL… I know because last year I discovered the very talented Sarah Kay on TED. I sent her book to my Mom, sister and nieces… it is a poignant little book.

But more than that Ms Kay delivers a powerful 18 minute speech that is inspirational, dynamic and engaging. Even the seasoned among us can learn a thing or two… I know I did (more on that after you have watched it.)

Impressive isn’t she?  Did you notice that there were all ages in the audience? Did you notice that she got a standing ovation?

Here are a few of the lessons we can learn from Sarah Kay:

She was PASSIONATE about what she was communicating.

She wasn’t perfect… she was REAL.

She told stories that ensure we will REMEMBER… they were personal.

She helped us by giving us a 1-2-3 to follow.

She SMILED… and often.

Think about how YOU can add some of Ms. Kay to your next talk.