Content is king, right? If your website and social media profiles are stagnant and haven’t been updated in a while, you’re losing out on thousands of dollars in business. Why? Because people are looking for information.

We believe the content you produce should include evergreen, practical information that your visitors can come back to over and over again when they have questions. Not only does it build your reputation at the authority in your practice area, but it brings more informed clients to your desk to sign the deal and start working with you.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to produce content. Equally as important as what you produce is howyou produce it. However – a lot of lawyers write a blog and stop there. If you can repurpose your content and distribute it across multiple channels, it exponentially sends your credibility upward.

Diversifying Your Content – The WHAT

We all learn and consume information differently. Just producing one kind of content is doing you and your audience a disservice. Here’s what you can do:

1. Blogging – It’s tried and true, and a robust library of blog articles looks great on your website. A blog is a great way to share information and break down legal concepts so people can become more educated on their situation before talking with you further.As a bonus, it’s easier than you think to self-publish a book. You can even take your blog library and compile it into book form. Think about how great you’d look if you had copies of your own book available in your office?
2. Video – Visual content is exploding. Don’t believe us? Here is (ironically) a blog article highlighting a ton of statistics proving it.
3. Podcast – Having your own podcast does two things: First, it provides a third way for people to consume information, especially if they need something to listen to on their commute or something to take in at the office while they get work done. Second, having your own podcast is a really impressive credibility tool. This fast-rising medium can do wonders for your firm, and there are stats to back it up, too!
4. Events and Webinars – Yes, this can be considered content, too. Sign up for speaking events, host webinars, do whatever you can do to get your voice and your knowledge out there.

Diversifying Your Content – The HOW

It’s one thing to have all that content, but it can’t reach its full potential unless you’re putting it somewhere. There are plenty of places for your content to go, including:

1. Social media – share your content on all of your social channels!
2. YouTube – post your videos here!
3. Apple Podcasts/Stitcher/Etc – put your podcast episodes on a good server and syndicate them to a popular app so people can download your episodes as they become available.
4. E-newsletter – this is a great way to stay top-of-mind and remind people what you do!
5. Directories – sites like Avvo allow you to upload your videos and blogs as legal guides, giving you another outlet you make your content available.

There are countless ways you can distribute your content, and the more you diversify, the more you can elevate yourself and build a premium brand.