When we pitch email newsletters to our clients, we’re often met with the verbal equivalent of an eye roll. You know the arguments: “Nobody wants another email in their inbox,” “No one is going to read my email newsletter,” and “I hate getting email newsletters — when I do, I put them in the trash or mark them as spam, and my clients are going to do that, too!”

That attitude is unfortunate because we know for a fact that when law firms send their clients an email each month, they inevitably generate more referrals. Why? Because none of us have enough time to personally stay in touch with everyone on our contact list. Sure, you might make space in your schedule to meet with key referral sources or colleagues, but there’s no way you can stay in touch with everyone you’ve met in the last 15 years. Now, imagine you could maintain those relationships. How is it possible they wouldn’t lead to at least a few more referrals?

Email isn’t the only way to stay in touch with your contacts, but it’s the first step. Even if only 20% of the people you send to open your email, you’ll be reaching many more than you could personally. And don’t forget — even the people who don’t open your newsletter still see it, keeping your firm’s name top of mind. We’ve had leads call us who have gotten our email newsletter for years and rarely opened it. Still, when it’s time to do business, they call.

An email newsletter can also boost your networking abilities. Imagine how good it would feel to plug the emails off a fist full of business cards into your mailing list instead of tossing the cards on your desk. One of our clients took this to the extreme when he sat next to a guy on an airplane and they exchanged cards. A year later, that same guy called him up. He’d gotten our client’s newsletter for the last year and needed some legal work done — to the tune of thousands of dollars.

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