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Involve your staff in developing business

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Lawyers do not have to do all the marketing and business development by themselves. They can and should involve their staff as much as practicable. Early in my in-house marketing career I got as many non-marketing staff as possible to help with marketing, since I had no departmental staff to speak of. I cajoled and… Continue Reading

Law Firm Staff: Overlooked Marketers

Posted in Marketing Tips

Most employees of law firms are in a great position to help in the firm’s business development efforts – or help damage them. A lot of that depends on how they are treated, how much that love or hate their job, and are otherwise engaged in the business of the law firm. This is particularly… Continue Reading

Don’t Fire Your Receptionist…

Posted in Marketing Tips

Fire the person who hired him or her. Over the years, I’ve told a few horror stories involving receptionists. Two that immediately come to mind, include: the cigarette dangling, shoeless one, and the one that told the caller to get lost.  It has always amazed me that businesses, including law firms, would be so careless… Continue Reading

Staff as Part of Marketing – Continued

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

As I mentioned in my last post about making the non-marketing staff a part of the firm’s business development efforts, Stacy West Clark’s article on that point gives some suggestions on how to accomplish that with at least two groups of staffers. But first, the lawyer’s role. Educate those who work for you as to: How… Continue Reading

Staff is Part of Your Marketing Effort – Whether You or They Know it or Not

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It continues to amaze me how few law firms engage their non-marketing staff in the firm’s business development efforts. The funny part is that these staff members are involved in marketing your firm in one way or another, if they deal with clients, potential clients or the public at-large. These contacts, whether intended or not, can… Continue Reading