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Part II – Associate Marketing: Second Year Onward

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

This is the second of two posts on associate marketing early in their career.  As I mentioned last time, I’ve addressed the topic in 2014; and friend and colleague Ross Fishman of Fishman Marketing has recently completed his treatise entitled The Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist. In this post, I’ll speak to some of… Continue Reading

Turning Associates into Rainmakers

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

I’m a big fan of The BTI Consulting Group and their The Mad Clientist blog. Recently, they had a post that discussed turning first year associates into bionic associates; and accordingly make them more productive. They lost me on this one, because the thrust of their message was to teach these associates essential skills such… Continue Reading

Cross-Selling:  A Goal, but Very Difficult

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

Why is it difficult? First, because many corporate clients do not want to put all their eggs on one basket.  For political, financial and/or relationship reasons they want to spread the work around.  Sure, a number of major corporations are reducing the number of outside law firms.  Often doing so to better manage administrative headaches…. Continue Reading

Client Letter to New Outside Counsel – Part II

Posted in Client Communications, Legal Fees, Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

Last week I wrote about the fictitious client letter sent to the recently retained outside law firm, wherein the general counsel sets forth his expectations.  As noted in that post, the “letter” was brought to us by Bob Denney in one of his Legal Communiqués. ’s Legal Communique, wherein the law firm is admonished/warned about… Continue Reading

10 Ways to Get Your Business Development Efforts Working

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Team, Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

Read a post on the Cordell Parvin Blog about the reasons your client development efforts may not be working. I’ve heard lawyers complain over the years how they are doing “stuff,”, but nothing seems to happen. I’ll put a different twist on Parvin’s post by suggesting ten tips (using his thoughts) you can use to… Continue Reading

Staff as Part of Marketing – Continued

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

As I mentioned in my last post about making the non-marketing staff a part of the firm’s business development efforts, Stacy West Clark’s article on that point gives some suggestions on how to accomplish that with at least two groups of staffers. But first, the lawyer’s role. Educate those who work for you as to: How… Continue Reading

Staff is Part of Your Marketing Effort – Whether You or They Know it or Not

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

It continues to amaze me how few law firms engage their non-marketing staff in the firm’s business development efforts. The funny part is that these staff members are involved in marketing your firm in one way or another, if they deal with clients, potential clients or the public at-large. These contacts, whether intended or not, can… Continue Reading

Marketing for Law Firms – Hiring a Marketing Person and a Trend

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

Here is the final installment of my responses to questions by freelance writer John Egan for an article to be published in CPAmerica International’s newsletter relating to “marketing for law firms.” The first  three questions related to suggestions and mistakes, and budgeting. The final two questions address the hiring of a marketing person and a… Continue Reading

Networking as a Team

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips

If you are like a lot of lawyers, you may not be completely comfortable in a networking environment. Some attorneys I know would rather go to the dentist than to an event full of strangers. Solution: Take a buddy along. Not for the purpose you might think – i.e. someone comfortable to talk with. Rather, you should spend very… Continue Reading

Partnering with LegalBizDev

Posted in Marketing Team

I am delighted to announce that I will be teaming up with Jim Hassett at LegalBizDev in providing sales coaching for law firms.  Although the “S” word is not bantered about by a lot of law firms, just as the “M” word was a no-no in the not too distant past, firms that do “get… Continue Reading

“Word-of-mouth” and “Referral” Marketing are Different

Posted in Marketing Team

My earlier thinking was that they were the same, or at least a distinction without a difference. But, I don’t anymore, and from a law firm marketing perspective, you shouldn’t either. According to Miriam Lawrence at Automatic Referrals, relying on word-of-mouth business is passive, while a referral marketing system requires a business to actively work… Continue Reading

Do You Have A Coach?

Posted in Marketing Team

There are numerous consultants that coach lawyers on the skills and techniques of legal marketing.  That is not new.  Also, experienced rainmakers in law firms could serve as coaches for younger lawyers.  Yet, it doesn’t seem that firms provide ongoing coaching for their lawyers after investing time and money on training them how to market… Continue Reading

Marketing Committees Revisited

Posted in Marketing Team

As I have said before, I am NOT a fan of law firm marketing committees. Marketing partner or marketing mentor of some sortyes, but not a committee. However. after reading Bruce Allen’s recent post on the value of marketing committees, I have to agree there are exceptions to every opinion. Bruce makes an excellent case… Continue Reading

Need Marketing Prospects? Check Your Rolodex.

Posted in Marketing Team, Marketing Tips, Prospecting for Clients

Your rolodex (or equivalent) contains many potential sources of new legal work. If you’re like most people your contacts include clients, former clients, referral sources, potential clients, family, friends, classmates, etc. All can help you obtain new matters. An article suggesting you “Roll Your Rolodex for New Clients” by Olivia Fox Cabane of Spitfire Communications… Continue Reading