There are lots of things one can do from a marketing and business development standpoint to have a successful practice, whether you are a solo or, quite frankly, a lawyer in any size firm. Considering the fact that you will have less resources to bring into play the smaller your firm, here are a few

Whether you are just out of law school or have been a solo practitioner for a while, or if you are thinking of leaving a larger law firm to go solo, there is a great new resource available to you.

Carolyn Elefant, long time solo and blogging pioneer of fame, has a book out entitled “Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be.” Your library shouldn’t be without this tool.

Not only does she address the issue of deciding whether to go solo, but helps plan the “great escape.” Then, she writes about practice issues, such as dealing with clients, billing, generating cash flow, and the like.

Of course, near and dear to my heart, she has 48 pages devoted to practical, down-to-earth legal marketing ideas. Carolyn includes:

  • An overview of lawyer marketing,
  • Traditional marketing ideas (e.g., yellow pages, Martindale-Hubbell, elevator speech, sponsorships, trade groups, public relations, referrals, networking, speaking and writing, and putting on seminars),
  • Internet marketing (and even references this blog, thank you very much), and
  • “High-Impact” marketing, where she covers prospecting, organized networking, niche marketing, and “nontraditional consultations” (or what I would call providing quality service).

This is a must buy in my view. In fact, it would be valuable resource for individual lawyers in any size firm.

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