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Do Your Clients “Love” You?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

If I had a penny for every time lawyers have said “my clients love me,” I’d be….well you know. The problem is that often lawyers do not understand. They assume, based on their continuing to receive work and not having heard about serious concerns, that everything is hunky-dory. Richard Levick at Levick communications in a post on… Continue Reading

Who Gives a Darn If Clients Are Satisfied?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

Apparently not too many firms according to an online “Leadership Matters” survey (a collaboration of TheRemsenGroup and Sterling Strategies) reported on the Managing Partner Forum this week. The survey sought data on individual lawyer contributions to their firms in the areas of financials, client satisfaction, people development, and firm processes/procedures. What particularly caught my attention… Continue Reading

Why Clients Will Pay You More

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

Because they like you.  They like you because you provide great value.  You provide great value because you care about your clients, about being efficient and reducing costs, helping them achieve their personal and business goals, and you give them freebies (i.e. free advice occasionally, CLE, and more). The result: raving fans! Raving fans are willing to… Continue Reading

Top 2012 Goal: Client Retention

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

As 2011 winds down (this year seems to have particularly flown by), it is time to start setting goals for next year. Since approximately 80% of law firm work comes from existing clients (in the form of new work or referrals) or other referral sources, client satisfaction and retention (except for criminal defense, PI and… Continue Reading

Do Client Experiences Drive Your Firm?

Posted in Marketing Tips

No. 76 in Ric Willmot’s weekly wisdom series “Customer Experiences Drive Your Business” hit a core nerve with me. He starts by stating “(c)ustomer service shouldn’t be a poor man’s cousin to growing your business.” He is right, of course. It should be the center of any business’ thinking in terms of creating raving fans that… Continue Reading

Marketing Tip: Avoid Malpractice Claims

Posted in Marketing Tips

Now there is a brilliant title, right? Obviously, any client who sues for malpractice (or even files a grievance with the state bar), is probably not going to hire you again. Not to mention how many people they will bad mouth you to. Okay, so that is pretty darn obvious. But stay with me a… Continue Reading

Client Feedback Pointers

Posted in Marketing Tips

Seeking client feedback is not only important for every law firm, but it needs to be done right. Following a recent post of mine on the topic, my friend Stacy West Clark raised some issues that got me to thinking about the Who, What, When, Why’s and How’s of getting client feedback: Who should conduct… Continue Reading

How To Improve Your Client Service

Posted in Marketing Tips

Most law firms would say, if asked, that they provide excellent client service, or at least very good service. Unfortunately, this self-assessment is not based on fact in most cases. As my friend Stacy West Clark reports, when clients were asked how their law firms were doing "most gave their firms a ‘C’ grade." Her… Continue Reading

ACC Value Index: what’s all the fuss about?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

As reported in today’s The AmLaw Daily some "Law Firms Cautious About ACC Ranking System." You may recall that the Association of Corporate Counsel announced their Value Index at last month’s annual meeting in Boston; and that it involves ranking outside law firms "based on evaluations from in-house lawyers." Apparently a number of firms aren’t… Continue Reading

How Does Your Firm Stack Up Against The ACC Value Index?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)’s Value Index was announced and shared with members at last month’s annual meeting in Boston. As reported in my earlier post, the criteria for measuring outside law firm’s performance is based on a grading system from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) relating to the following service areas: Understands Objectives/Expectations… Continue Reading