Harry Joiner on his blog Proven Ways to Get New Customers makes a point with which I agree. He calls it The Expertise Imperative and rightly states that it is more important than ever in the professional services that the provider be perceived as an expert. As he says, differentiation is a critical issue in professional services.
In fact, most law firms do not differentiate themselves. They are too alike in many ways. I have even had law firm clients, when I suggest a marketing strategy, ask me if other firms have done that. And that is the problem, the fear of being different. If you don’t differentiate yourself from other law firms, why would you possibly think that a potential client would hire you or your firm over someone else.

Being an expert is one, but not the only, way to differentiate yourself. You can do that also by:
*being more responsive,
*exceeding client expectations and deadlines,
*treating your clients like your firm depends on them,
*avoiding surprises, and
*communicating more quickly and often.

These are a just a few ways to set yourself apart from other firms, and turn you clients into your sales force.