The lawyers I work with often lament that they never have time for business development. But, is that really true? We have all been there… needing to do two or three things at once or having to do more in a day then is humanly possible. We seldom examine how we are trying to get things done. Nicolas Cole a contributor to took a look and found that it just might be our habits that are killing our productivity.

Cole points out:

1. Constantly Checking Your Phone
2. Not Really Listening
3. Multitasking
4. Working With the Television On
5. Working in Unproductive Environments
6. Working With Unproductive People
7. Lack of Preparation
8. Notifications…OFF!

Think about them and you must admit that these 8 habits do kill our productivity. When I read number 4 – working with the television on, I said YIKES! Yes, that’s my habit and I know it IS distracting and I would be more productive if I would turn it off. I think I’ll work on minimizing the affect of this habit on my productivity and just turn it off! (Okay… I did it!)

What habit do YOU want to tackle to become more productive and have more time for business development?