Oops. That note to a referral source might be a bit tardy, but a late “Thank You” is better than no thank you according to Thom Singer on Some Assembly Required, and I agree completely.

Further, I’m a big fan of handwritten notes, since they are used so infrequently these days. Especially with email and cell phones, it’s much easier and quicker to thank someone by such means, if one takes the time to show appreciation at all. But, that is why the handwritten communication means so much more.


But when is it too late to thank someone for a kindness, a referral, a meeting, a lunch or a whatever? NEVER. That’s Thom’s and my message. Of course one should express their gratitude as soon as possible, but heck we’re only human and we forget things. Just ask my wife.


So, if you are woefully late, just own up to your tardiness, apologize profusely, and thank the person for what they did for you. As Thom says:


"Your best way to get future favors is to say "thank you".  Even late, a Thank You Note is amazingly powerful."


And more so if it is handwritten.