Unlike the practice of law where mistakes are, to say the least, frowned upon….or worse, marketing welcomes mistakes, because at least you are trying. Over the last twenty years as a legal marketer, I have found the hardest part of my job, and the greatest frustration, is indecision, inaction, and fear of failure on the part of lawyers when it comes to law firm marketing.

As lawyers, especially when it comes to unfamiliar territory, we tend to over analyze, and procrastinate because of the fear of making a mistake. All of these things will keep you and your firm from moving ahead with its legal marketing program.

We are not talking about jumping in where no planning or analysis has been done as to what the best strategies and approach should be. This blog has addressed the importance of planning in the past. Here are a few of those posts that may be of interest:

Once you have made the choices as to the most effective strategies and activities for you and your firm; then, “Just Do It” as Nike says.

If a particular strategy isn’t working, evaluate it, change it; but, then make the decision to do something else.