There is a very interesting article by Anthony Green in Law Practice Today which talks about Web 2.0, Web 1.0 and social media in general. Not being one completing sold on all the hype surrounding social media, I agree with several points Green raises about the need to get back to basics.

He (and I) recognize the role social media can and is playing. The question is have we lost focus on the main point surrounding personal services marketing? As Green points out “In all likelihood, the big decision makers still prefer face-to-face communication…” and although social media and the virtual world is playing an “increasingly important (role)… keep in mind that most business in the professional services world is still done face-to-face.”

He sums up his article by pointing out the need for lawyers to spend less time in front of their computer screens and more face time with clients and prospects (and referral sources I might add). As he puts it: “The end goal of your marketing efforts should be to foster face-to-face conversations.”

In my mind that is Business Development 101. Green shares a quote from Jonathan Baskin, the columnist for Advertising Age, who said “we’ve allowed this (social media) nonsense to get out of hand.” So, let’s not lose focus on what it is that really develops business most effectively.