If you are not comfortable networking, which many of us aren’t – no matter how effective it can be in marketing yourself and your law firm – take a look at BWPrice’s Marketing U blog where there is a very honest and compelling post admitting she hates networking.
Although networking is No. 9 on my Top Ten Marketing Tips list, I agree it is not always easy to do. Barbara suggests:

“Instead, look for groups or associations that dovetail with your interests and passions and where you can be of service. Then, go ready to serve and serve humbly.”


“Your efforts will benefit the organization and you, in turn, will become known as a person of character. Your circle of contacts will rise exponentially and you will not only make contacts, but, more importantly, you will make life-long friends.”

Becoming active in organizations is No. 10 on my Top Ten list because it takes longer to bear fruit. Both are related however, and one’s approach and personality will drive where you should put your emphasis. Joining organizations in which you have interests – or as Barbara say “passions” – will be rewarding from both a personal and professional standpoint, as long as you are genuine and active.