Seeking client feedback is probably the most underutilized technique for developing and enhancing client relationships. It is astonishing how few firms fail to inquire of their clients as to just how well they are doing as a legal services provider.

A number of surveys over the last several years have highlighted the need for law firms to seek feedback from their clients. Surveys by the BTI Consulting Group, ACC/Serengeti and others have reinforced the idea that clients actually want their law firms to seek their input on how the relationship is progressing, and on the services provided.

The idea is even more important in light of the current economic conditions and the resulting impact on all businesses. The likelihood that competitors will attempt to lure clients away from other law firms is real, and makes the need for a program that will enhance our existing client relationships more critical than ever.

Kane Consulting, Inc. offers client feedback services focusing on telephone or in-person interviews.

Steps in Process:

  • Memo to Attorneys explaining the program
  • Select Key Clients to be Interviewed
  • Send Letters to Clients (by responsible attorney and interviewer)
  • Conduct Client interviews
  • Send “Thank You” letter to Clients following the interview
  • Take action on any issues identified, if any, and
  • Follow up with Clients relating to any identified issues, and potential new opportunities.

Deliverable: Detailed report that includes notes on each interview, opportunities and areas of concern, if any.

For more information call Tom Kane today at (941) 376-3366, or email:

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