There are two recent posts by Barbara Walters Price at BWPrice Marketing U entitled “Networking for the Person Who Hates Networking” Part I and Part II which I strongly recommend to you. Barbara talks about and draws upon tips from Thom Singer’s book Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships. She also talks about a seminar she attended called “Purpose Driven Networking” which she also found helpful. Although Barbara claims to hate networking, it appears she is becoming a convert.
What I really liked about her Part II post was the one question she took from the seminar, and which I just love. When speaking with someone you’ve met and developed a rapport with at an event, ask them:
“How can I know if someone I’m talking to would be a good prospect for you?”
Wow! What a great question that says:
*I’m interesting in building a network that includes you,
*I’m interested in helping you network,
*I’m not just about ME,
*You’ll learn more about that person and what makes them tick, and
*You’ll learn about their business.
Notice that you are letting that person talk and you’re listening. Good relationship building exercise, I’d say, and one worth giving a try.

I haven’t read Thom’s book, but I am a big fan of his blog “Some Assembly Required” – The Business Development/Networking Blog so I gotta believe the book is worth a look by all of us.