It seems simple enough, but lawyers who do not understand legal marketing want the quick fix. At times it appears that it is just one more thing on their “to do” list they want to get checked off. Failure lurks in that approach.
Case in point: I received an inquiry as to my services, but it was clear that the lawyer did not appreciate the value in planning a marketing approach before implementing one. You can’t do the latter without the former. Further, he thought he should get both for a nominal amount of time and very little expense. Ouch!
Chris Houchens of Shotgun Marketing Blog tells a somewhat similar story along the quick strike approach. Chris’ lesson is that one needs to consider ones objectives before planning a strategy.
And only then can one undertake to implement those strategies to reach the desired goals. Marketing is not a quick fix, or something to check off your list of things accomplished. It is an ongoing process.
Also, I particularly liked Chris’ suggestion that a good starting point is to look “at your company (law firm) from your customers'(clients’) point of view” and work from there.