There is no greater gift than to be able to do what you love. When people talk about their work as a passion, they often say that they would do it even if they were not paid. Their enthusiasm is contagious, their clients and colleagues feel it.

Do you love what you’re doing… or do you dread going into the office each morning? Many of the clients I work with are sick and tired of having that feeling of dread each morning. We explore what’s at the heart of the frustration…

1. Do you hate the practice area you find yourself in?

2. Do you hate the way your superiors, colleagues or clients treat you?

3. Do you hate the hours you are required to work?

Life is too short to “hate” what you do for a living. That isn’t why you went to law school. The big question is… What are you going to do about it?

Here’s a video I ran across on a LinkedIn article by Richard BransonHow to Find a Fulfilling Career.  He featured this video created by his son’s production company Sundog Pictures. Take 10 minutes and see if you don’t find a bit of inspiration.

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