Yes, professional help. And it’s not what you think. Having reached the halfway mark for 2010, look back and see what changes you’ve made, what actions you’ve taken and where it’s gotten you. Satisfied? I’m guessing many of you are not. As I always say… you can’t be everything to everyone. Sometimes you have to call in an expert. For our purposes it could mean a friend with a talent for rainmaking, a famed author or blogger, or a specialized consultant. It can even mean something as simple as following a blog (hello!) or picking up a book on marketing. Now is the time to look around and ask for help. You didn’t just become a lawyer—you learned the basics before you went out to practice. It’s the same with business development. Some people are born rainmakers…some have to learn.

Question of the week: Are you seeking out expert business development guidance?  

Are you applying the help and guidance of professionals when it comes to legal marketing and business development?Market Research