October is in full swing and most of you are feeling the cooler weather (Miami… not so much!) Others are feeling the pressure of 4th quarter and wondering how your firm or practice is going to meet your 2011 projections. For me, October is the time I brainstorm and plan what the coming year will hold for my business.

The Time Is Now

So this weekend I brought together friends to do a "Dream Retreat". What do we want in our lives for 2012? 

Most years I have blocked out time on a weekend or evening and closed my office door… put my thinking cap on, my butt in the seat and created a plan…. nice, but not too stimulating!

Collaboration Is Rocket Fuel

This time it was INCREDIBLE… and I do mean INCREDIBLE! How so? First of all it was an entire WEEKEND led by my incredible friend and coach Claudette Bouchard who came in from Vancouver. Second, included was my incredibly talented friend (since college) Laura Ralston-Slejko who came in from Chicago. WHY is this so important? Because I was working on my plan (and they were working on theirs) for the first time as a collaborative effort. And even more importantly I was working on the plan with two people that really know me and want me to fulfill my dreams more than most… including ME!  

Work Life Balance… What IS that?

I say… We only have ONE life… so… make THAT work! And true to my philosophy this plan included all aspects of my life and we were extremely creative in highlighting every aspect that is important to me. And when I retreated to a safe place they challenged me to play BIG. 

The Takeaway…
Create your plan now… it will allow for "ramp-up" time, if needed.
Find collaborators… and work on your plans together.
Design a plan that makes ALL aspects of your life work in harmony.
I now have a BIG Audacious Plan for 2012… World, lookout… here I come! How about YOU?