Yesterday was Independence Day… It marks the middle of the year. We have six months behind us and six months ahead of us… a bit of a track record and the time needed to make adjustments. Have you accomplished half of what you intended for 2012? Are you on track and it’s just a matter of staying focused? OR are you behind schedule and didn’t quite get into the groove you had intended? Here are three tips to make sure your 2012 goals are met.

1. Recommit – Have you lost your commitment? Life happened and took over? Your 2012 goals were what you wanted and needed but you never quite got rolling. If this is you… make the appropriate adjustments and recommit.

2. Refocus – Are your goals the ones you really want to accomplish or do you need to adjust them? Sometimes what we desire at one point isn’t necessarily what we want or need… take a look at your goals for 2012, are they still in the direction you want to go? If not… adjust and refocus.

3. Reward – Most of us have short memories for what we accomplished and long memories for what we did not. We beat ourselves up for the things that didn’t go well… but seldom acknowledge our efforts on the things that did go well. Today: List the things you accomplished and celebrate your success… build on them and reward yourself. 

Do you want 2012 to be your best year ever? Remember best year ever… can be defined in many ways. You wrote more to increase your credibility then you have ever done before. You followed up with your referral sources on a consistent basis… more than ever before. You made business development part of your day… every day. Your book of business grew by… 20%, 40%, 70%… more than any year before. What will you be able to say about your 2012 goals at the end of the next six months? Ensure success… Recommit, Refocus and Reward!