My book launch was fantastic—it is officially an Amazon Bestseller. A heartfelt thanks to those of you who helped. For e-book fans it is now available on Kindle.

Retirement or a Third Act—What Will You Choose? Available on Amazon!

The book came about because of the phenomenal registration for my CLE,  Retirement or a Third Act, at the Florida Bar Conference—1001— which was capacity, by the way! This was a sign that there is an enormous interest in the topic, the likes of which I have never seen before in my over 20 years in the legal community. And what happened right after the CLE was even more encouraging. I received many emails sharing with me the impact my presentation made.

Today I want to share one of them. It’s from Gail Grossman a criminal defense lawyer from Oxford, Florida. Here are excerpts from a couple of emails…

Email #1: Thanks to you, tomorrow I am taking my nephew to experience NASCAR racing at Daytona. You had mentioned in your seminar that you drove a Porsche at Homestead Speedway and how much fun it is.  My nephew, who is a rising senior, majoring in engineering, at the University of Massachusetts, is down visiting me from Massachusetts. He LOVES NASCAR racing.  I took him to the Daytona 500 race last year and he LOVED it.  After hearing your seminar, I was going to bring him to Miami to do the Porsche driving experience but I found the Daytona experience online, which is a lot closer to me, so we are going to Daytona tomorrow for him to drive a NASCAR around the Daytona 500 track. He is ecstatic about the experience. Thanks for that great idea. I really enjoyed your seminar and got a lot out of it.

This is of my nephew and Me.  I am the shorter one, at 6’0′ tall.  Daniel is 6’5″ tall.

Email #2: Daniel will be graduating next May, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and will be looking for a full-time position.  His dream job is to work for NASCAR, or Formula One Racing, or any racing team, or Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc. as an engineer, OR to work for NASA or SpaceX or any space company.  He loves cars and space and would love to work as an engineer for a car company or a space company.

Thanks again for a great seminar and for sharing your racing experience with all of us. Without your seminar, I never would have known about the racing experiences that were available and never would have taken Daniel to NASCAR.  He said the G-Forces on his body were very intense, particularly going around the steep curves at Daytona at 151.36 mph.

I bought Daniel the in-car video of his drive showing him getting to 150 mph and he has watched that video about 20 times now. As he said to me many times since Saturday, his experience was “wicked cool.”  It was truly one of the highlight moments of his life.  Thanks so much. 

There is no joy so great as the joy we give to the ones we love! Thank you, Gail Grossman, for sharing with us the love you have for your nephew, Daniel.

I wish every lawyer lots of happiness, love and fulfillment! Think about what’s at stake—If not now, when?

P.S. If anybody knows someone in the auto or space industry, I’m sure Gail and Daniel would love to hear from you.