A few months ago, a Spotlight Branding client told us a story that is every lawyer’s worst nightmare. It all started when our client (we’ll call him Justin) got a phone call.

“Hello!” said the person on the other end of the line. “I’m looking for a lawyer who can help me with a family law issue.”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Justin told the caller. “Family law isn’t my specialty. But I know another lawyer who is excellent at it. Let me give you her name.”

When Justin passed on the name of the other attorney, his caller gasped.

“Oh my gosh, I actually worked with her three months ago,” they said. “I was very happy with her work and wanted to get in touch with her again, but I couldn’t remember her name or figure out how to find her. So, I went online and found you instead!”

Justin’s heart sank. He was thrilled that the caller had found him online and was inspired by the content we’d helped him create, but he also felt awful for his friend. This client, with their thousands of dollars of repeat business and potential referrals, had almost gotten away.

It’s chilling to think you could be that family law attorney, losing clients without even knowing it, despite being excellent at your job. Maybe you are that lawyer, and you just don’t realize it! How would you know?

Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening to your firm. To ensure you aren’t forgettable, you need to do what the family law attorney didn’t do: Bring every new client and contact into your firm’s Content Loop™.

The Content Loop™ is Spotlight Branding’s tried-and-true method of keeping your firm top of mind. (Find out more about it at SpotlightBranding.com/NL.) To leverage its power, invite your new contacts to join your mailing list or social media pages, then put out consistent content like a monthly newsletter, social media post, blogs, and videos. This will keep your name fresh in your network’s heads and ensure you capture their repeat business and referrals.

With the Content Loop™ in your back pocket, you’ll never find yourself forgotten like that family law attorney. Your name will always be in your client’s inbox or newsfeed, just a click away.