On Tuesday I talked about the impact storytelling can have on your business development efforts.  I ran across a great article by Edward Hope:  Public Speaking – The Art of Storytelling. He touches on the eight elements that make a compelling story, which are all very important… but there are four not to be missed…

1. The story must be INTERESTING. Hope points out that an interesting story can overcome a lot in its delivery – however, nothing can save a dull story.  An interesting story will have conflict, drama and suspense… and let’s not forget… the HERO. Hopefully that is YOU and your firm.

2. The story must have DRAMA. Delivering with passion and expression is critical. Your tone and body language are tools in delivering a memorable story that will illustrate how you help your clients. 

3. The story must be the RIGHT SIZE. Yes, the length of your story can make or break it. Have stories that are appropriate for a quick 1-minute delivery and others suitable for a 5-minute delivery. And know which to use when. 

4. The story must be RELEVANT. When you focus on how you help your client instead of the law you are more likely to be relevant. I would also add that being relevant to the conversation is equally important. A story that seems to come out of left field will have your listener rolling their eyes and remembering you for the wrong reason.

Business development storytelling can be appropriate in so many areas of your life… in everyday conversation with people you know and care about. They will learn how you help your clients in a very soft but memorable way and will then have the confidence to hire you and recommend you to others.