When you love what you do… it shows. I had a busy weekend, meeting with clients that didn’t have time to meet during the week… so maybe it was the relaxed feeling of a weekend…. OR they genuinely love what they do! I think it is the latter. What are the signs someone loves what he or she does?

Their face lights-up when they talk.

The excitement is audible in their voice.

There is a twinkle in the eye when they reveal the cleverness with which they won the case.

The smile is undeniable.

Were they selling… absolutely NOT! They were all telling stories about a case or transaction they had worked on. Simply telling a story! I found myself wishing I had been in the courtroom or their office as they did what they do so well and LOVE.

Let me tell you… when they share these stories with friends, family and colleagues they will ALL have more work than they could handle. Why? Because those friends, family and colleagues will never forget WHAT they do… or the PASSION and COMMITMENT with which they do it.

For some reason we tend to hold that passion inside and only share it occasionally. I’m here to tell you… LET IT OUT!

Show people how much you love what you do… it instills confidence to refer clients to you.

Tell compelling stories… it helps people remember what area of the law you practice.

Talk about your successes… it builds your credibility.

Is it selling? NO. It’s sharing… what you LOVE. AND that my friends… IS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT!