Last week I spoke at the Florida’s Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference. Before I spoke, there was a session where everyone was talking about the lack of participation by members in programs that could clearly benefit their practice. In addition, how they are losing members because they can’t afford the dues ranging from $75 – $200.

Then it was my turn…

Don’t tell me that bar dues at $75 – $200 are too expensive! What did you pay for the last bottle of wine you purchased? $30… $50? What did that new pair of shoes cost? $100… $250? You made the purchase because you value a good bottle of wine or a quality pair of shoes.

Do you value your bar membership?

In my opinion bar membership is the biggest bargain in your business development strategy… IF… and I repeat IF… you leverage the membership and maximize the value of the opportunity that it provides.

In my session I advised the bar leaders to work on programs that members value and communicate the value clearly over and over again. Find the uniqueness that differentiates their association from others and live that difference everyday. THAT is what will build the essence of the association’s brand! THAT is what gives your association’s name and logo meaning! And THAT is what makes membership a worthwhile investment!