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Public Speaking: Don’t Wing It!

Posted in Marketing Tips

No matter how many times you have given the same basic talk, always practice before giving it the next time.  I have given a similar marketing speech many, many times.  Occasionally, I have not practiced beforehand and I fell flat.  I was uncomfortable, and at times, tongue-tied. So, I never give a talk without adding… Continue Reading

Basic Rules for Landing a Client or a Law Job

Posted in Marketing Tips

Being interviewed by a prospective client is not that different than a young lawyer interviewing for a job in this awful market. This idea came to mind when I saw an article by William Melater, a young associate and contributor to Attorney at Work. He wrote about three basic rules for young graduates interviewing for… Continue Reading

Why Did You Lose (or Win) That Competition?

Posted in Marketing Tips

You can learn a lot either way. Thanks to Barbara Walters Price at Marketing U, I remembered a very important lesson I learned about business development competitions. Whether you win or lose, it is wise to conduct a post mortem to determine why. Barbara’s post led me to a post by Ford Harding on preparing for a sales… Continue Reading