If you can’t claim a client as your biggest fan, then I truly hope your mother is, because you may need to move back home. I actually met a client of a lawyer who really was that lawyer’s No. 1 fan. As least as far as I could determine, and I expect the lawyer had other clients who felt the same way.
This month’s edition of Entrepreneur magazine had a brief piece on raving fans. One was such a fan of Starbucks that he had planned to visit every one of their stores on earth. So far the 33-year old has done pretty good job of it by visiting 4,958 in North America and 200 elsewhere. Fan or fanatic? …. never mind.
Pretty good publicity I’d say. How many people do you think this person talks to about Starbucks? The reason I mention it here, is because the article contained a sidebar entitled “Getting The Word Out,” (Source: Affinity Internet) containing how “small businesses rank the most” important of various media to their marketing campaigns:
*Word-of-mouth – 53%
*Online- 45%
*Direct Sales- 27%
*Radio/TV- 9%
*Direct Mail- 8%
*Print- 8%
*Yellow Pages- 3%
Not sure who the source is or how reliable, but I do believe that word-of mouth, and increasingly the Internet, are more important to your legal marketing success than the others listed for sure. The one exception is radio/TV in the case of PI firms, but that is very expensive (at least as to TV) and only a few are in a position to do that in a given market.