If you can’t claim a client as your biggest fan, then I truly hope your mother is, because you may need to move back home. I actually met a client of a lawyer who really was that lawyer’s No. 1 fan. As least as far as I could determine, and I expect the lawyer had other clients who felt the same way.
This month’s edition of Entrepreneur magazine had a brief piece on raving fans. One was such a fan of Starbucks that he had planned to visit every one of their stores on earth. So far the 33-year old has done pretty good job of it by visiting 4,958 in North America and 200 elsewhere. Fan or fanatic? �. never mind.
Pretty good publicity I’d say. How many people do you think this person talks to about Starbucks? The reason I mention it here, is because the article contained a sidebar entitled “Getting The Word Out,” (Source: Affinity Internet) containing how “small businesses rank the most” important of various media to their marketing campaigns:
*Word-of-mouth – 53%
*Online- 45%
*Direct Sales- 27%
*Radio/TV- 9%
*Direct Mail- 8%
*Print- 8%
*Yellow Pages- 3%
Not sure who the source is or how reliable, but I do believe that word-of mouth, and increasingly the Internet, are more important to your legal marketing success than the others listed for sure. The one exception is radio/TV in the case of PI firms, but that is very expensive (at least as to TV) and only a few are in a position to do that in a given market.