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The Time To Market Is When You Don’t Have Time For It

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That is a direct theft and distortion of a quote by the Sidney Harris, a well-known, former columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times (“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”). I couldn’t resist, and of course, I do believe it is a philosophy that lawyers should adopt when it comes to legal marketing.

Furthermore, taking just 5 minutes, out of an otherwise very busy day, may just help keep that proverbial pipeline fed to ensure future work for you and the firm. The five-minute idea comes from a post by my friend Michelle Golden at Golden Practices. She gives us several quick action items that you could easily accomplish in 5 minutes. They include:

  • Write a (handwritten) note to a friend, acquaintance, prospect (client, classmate, any of your contacts. Do not cheat with an e-mail, but I suppose that is better than nothing),
  • Call someone to set up a lunch for next week or whenever,
  • Look for names you recognize in the Business Section of the newspaper, and send them a note of congratulations on their promotion, new position, new office or whatever the news was about,
  • Review “yesterday’s work records” and find something to follow up with client about (that does presume your timesheets are current), and
  • Call someone you will be starting a project with in the next couple of weeks, to touch base in advance and catch-up (hopefully this is a civic, cultural, neighborhood, or bar project, and not a client matter that you should have started LAST week – sorry, couldn’t resist that one either).

Michelle promises more “5-minute marketing” tips in the future, so stay tuned.

  • Taking just a few minutes a day to make marketing efforts is really what legal marketing is all about.
    One more quick suggestion: Keep a list of emails for everyone you meet. About once a week, pick someone from that list to whom you haven’t spoken in awhile. Send that person an email just to say hello and stay on the top of his or her mind. This is not only a great and easy marketing idea, but a good way to keep in touch with friends/acquaintances.

  • One more quick suggestion: Focus your internet domain name on your geographical practice area. For instance, http://www.schaumburglaw.com.