Went to one of my favorite places for a quick bite to eat the other day, Subway. They don’t give you much, but that is probably the reason that guy Jared (featured in their ads) lost so much weight. I like their food, though, so maybe this involuntary diet will work for me too.

Anyway, I stopped by the local store, and noticed that they still didn’t have any spinach, which I prefer over that ground up rabbit food they call lettuce (actually it appeared the varmints had already had a feast on what I was looking at, but I digress). You may remember that we had a little scare last month, which resulted in the recall of all packaged spinach. Now, as far as I know, the scare is over; and since I love spinach generally, I’m looking to consume my share – as soon as I can find it in the stores.

So here I am ordering my 6” sub, and I asked the person behind the counter “when will you be getting spinach in?” She informs me that they “won’t be getting any spinach in.” Then, I say “how come?” Are you ready for her answer? It’s a classic. “Subway doesn’t want it,” she says. I swear, her exact words. Doesn’t want it, SUBWAY DOESN’T WANT IT. What the heck does that have to do with anything, I’m thinking to myself (after laughing out loud – we marketers are like that).

Obviously, this qualifies as a classic case of forgetting about what the customer might want. Subway apparently has decided they will decide what is best for us, and it doesn’t matter what the customer wants. (I realize by now their lawyers are in charge of the food division, liability and all, but give me a break.) Gosh, I’d sign a waiver. It would be very basic marketing, for Subway to ask their customers what they want. But NO, they have to deprive me of my spinach.

What’s this got to do with law firm marketing?, you may ask. Because that approach to the world is one reason I have preached (here, here, and here to list a few posts on the issue) to my fellow lawyers, that client feedback is so very important. If you don’t ask your clients, not only how you are doing, but what they want from your law firm in terms of service and legal product, you may find they will take their business somewhere else.

Just as I may have to take my “undeclared” diet to a different luncheon place. Darn it.