When I did a missive on how lawyers in small firms can get hired by large companies, I was referring to the fact that in-house counsel have and will continue to discover that there are some really smart lawyers in small firms around the country.  How? By reading their blogs. Talk about leveling the playing field.

I wasn’t thinking about marketing guru (I hate that word but it applies in this case) Seth Godin at the time, but I had downloaded one of his free ebooks awhile back about blogging, and while getting a tire repaired this week (the tale of the distain expressed by my condo association at the suggestion that the roofer should pay for the spike firmly lodged in it will have to await another day), I finally got around to reading “Who’s THERE? Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Blogs and the New Web.”  It’s terrific.

Towards the end (p. 35) he offers up “A small bonus.”  A must read about how small is better. And it’s only four short pages. Take a look.

Small firms may eventually have a distinct advantage over larger firms because of their smallness – and a lot of help from the Internet and blogosphere.