The ABA TECHSHOW ended yesterday, and unfortunately I was not able to attend.  But there has been a lot of blogging going on as a result.  One that caught my eye thanks to Jim Calloway  was a panel discussion on 60 Marketing Tips in 60 Minutes.

All the tips are good, but in looking them over, I thought if I had to pick my favorite dozen, which ones would they be.  My best 12 turned out to be 15 and here they are:

  1. Develop a marketing culture at your firm
  2. Fire your worst clients
  3. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize (Web Optimization)
  4. Have a marketing plan
  5. Ask your clients for a grade (Report with bill and give discounts for non-satisfactory grades)
  6. Need to have a marketing budget to market
  7. There are riches in niches
  8. Remember, the practice of law is relationship-based
  9. Identify repetitive tasks and develop automated systems with fixed fees you can market
  10. Develop your elevator pitch
  11. Keep a referral log
  12. Don’t fear creativity and humor
  13. Don’t just keep clients informed, but keep referral sources in the loop
  14. Do your bills make sense
  15. Develop your brand

    Well, those were my favorites, but take a look at all of them for other ideas on how to improve on your legal marketing.