Ed Poll in a recent post suggests that lawyers can learn a lesson from the restaurant business. He refers to an article that talks about how waiters and waitresses can improve their tips. It is based on an entertaining 33-page booklet written by an associate professor at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. What the professor is really talking about is a behavioral change leading to greater rewards.
No, I am not suggesting that you ask your clients for tips based on how good your legal services are (although it may be worth considering, since some large firms do charge a “premium” for success in some cases). I am suggesting that you take a look at your behavior to see if there might be room for improvement in how you “serve” your clients. Rendering better service (returning calls promptly, meeting or exceeding deadlines, no surprises, better overall communications, and so forth) will result in greater “tips” for your practice. Most notably, happy and satisfied clients, which in turn will lead to more work and referrals from clients.