Solo practitioner Carolyn Elefant had a post about marketing on the cheap.   She talks about looking for networking opportunities that are free.  She drew upon an article that appeared in the New York Lawyer by solo Raymond Dowd entitled “Small Firm Life: Frugal Marketing.” (Sorry, free registration is required)  Dowd’s article is an easy read, and you may find several things about networking that will fit your style and personality.  I found some things I would not recommend my clients do, but the article is worth a look.

[This post originally appeared in February 2005 (a month after I started the Legal Marketing Blog).  This encore post is due to the fact that my laptop with all my RSS feeds, programs, etc. crashed over the weekend.  Accordingly, it may be a "few" days before things are back to normal.  Hopefully, my readers will enjoy a few of my earlier posts in the meantime.]