Law firms, like many small businesses, are often guilty of not being willing to change.  When it comes to legal marketing that is so true.

John Jantsch  points out that if small businesses have a marketing strategy at all, it is likely to be based on what others are doing.  In most cases, that is nothing more than a copycat strategy, which law firms are good at.  Unfortunately, that will not set your firm apart, but rather it will render your lawyer marketing impotent.

So, John warns that if your marketing stinks, it’s your fault.  He’s right of course, and provides a couple of hints that will also work for law firms in order to avoid a smelly outcome:

  • Be unique (as in a particular service niche you offer, or focusing on a narrow part of the market, or in how you deliver your services),
  • Be willing to change (not only in your willingness to undertake meaningful marketing, but your firm’s marketing culture, as well as the incentives for others in the firm to join in the effort), and
  • Develop and communicate your message (in everything the firm has and does).