YouTube is a massive search engine, thanks in part to it being a Google property, but also because video as a consumption medium is becoming increasingly popular. So how can law firms utilize this database to have a successful presence? Here’s the info:

Who It’s For

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world along with Google and TikTok. People search for all kinds of videos, especially when they’re looking to learn something. You as the owner of a law firm that provides a specialized service (that the rest of the general public doesn’t have the slightest clue about) have the opportunity to elevate your authority and credibility by utilizing this platform.

What to Post: 

Whether it’s a video version of your podcast or you answering frequently asked questions, YouTube is where you post them. But they don’t just have to live there, you can embed your videos on your website, which allows for better website performance over natively uploading them on your website because of the file size’s impact on your load time.

In addition to posting on the regular YouTube platform, you can repurpose any of your videos to mobile format to publish onto YouTube Shorts, which is the platform’s rival to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Even more, any video you’re posting to TikTok, Instagram, or anywhere else can and should be posted to YouTube Shorts as a way to extend and maximize your reach and impressions.

What to Expect

Don’t post to YouTube with the goal or expectation of going viral. It may happen, and it may not. The key is to post videos consistently and build up your audience. Furthermore, make sure the titles of your videos make sense so your content is more easily found in searches, which will get you in front of even more people.