Thanks to a Blawgers Google Group I learned about a U.K firm that provides a free analysis of your web site in terms of its marketability, design, accessibility for those disabled, experience, average user rating, and an overall summary on a scale of from 1 to 10. It’s Silktide’s Sitescore
Okay I bit. So, I entered my URL and a few minutes later I received the results. Since Silktide’s slogan is “the web development experts,” I kinda, sorta guessed that my site would not be perfect, and that Silktide would be there to come to my rescue.
So, how did I do? Not too bad. Some of the comments were enlightening and interesting. I did find out that my site “is probably unlawful in Britain” since October 2004 (although it was actually launched in January 2005), since it apparently does not comply with the British Disability Discrimination Act. Not sure what I can do about that, but I’ll talk with Kevin O’Keefe at LexBlog to get his take.
But, the one result that gave me some concern (and raised credibility issues) was the “Popularity on Google” rating which stated:

“No matches on Google were found at all. The (sic) includes searches for Legal Marketing, law firms, �.” (and a couple others).

That is where they lost me, since for the last several weeks (and as of the time of their analysis) I have had the honor of being listed Number Two in Google rankings for “Legal Marketing”. What’s my take? Not sure, since some of the information – like that my popularity ranking at 516,995 in the WORLD is something my banker would be very impressed with – was kind of fun and as I say interesting.
In response to an email, Silktide says they “are experiencing some technical difficulties obtaining Google rankings for some sites,” and they are working on a remedy. In the meantime have some fun and see how your site ranks.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!