I got a hoot out of these products, and suggest them to you as holiday gifts for those lawyers on your list who have a sense of humor. They’re timepieces (wrist watches and desk clocks) that divide the hour into 6-minute increments making it more convenient when billing clients. You can order one from �no kidding �The Billable Hour. Take a look. They’re only $50.
Yes, it could be a legal marketing tool, but only for people with whom you have a close personal and professional relationship. Oh, did I mention that a sense of humor is required? It may not be a good idea to send one to that client who just complained about the last bill. But, giving one to lawyers who are or could be good referral sources, that’d work. Or just as a gift to a close friend who happens to be a lawyer.
Have fun!
Thanks to lawyer marketing consultant Trey Ryder for putting me on to this one.