My friend Stacy West Clark has 25 suggestions for adding value to your relationship with “current clients, referral sources and potential clients,” which are for the most part “free.” And I agree that by following her suggestions, “you will get business” as well.

Stacy’s article appeared in both The Legal Intelligencer and on’s Small Firm Business. Here are a few of her suggestions that I especially like, and have discussed at one time or another myself:

  • Visit your clients off the clock;
  • Ask for client feedback;
  • Buy your clients products and services, where possible;
  • Send them customers or clients;
  • Support your client’s charity(ies) of choice;
  • Offer free CLE programs for their legal department;
  • Attend board meetings free;
  • Nominate your client for an award;
  • Give the client’s kids tickets to events, theme parks, and such;
  • Entertain clients;
  • Ask client to join a panel with you; and one of my favorites
  • Befriend your clients

Whatever moves you, do something that will add value to your client relationships.