Having preached this message to some extent in my last post, it may be helpful for small firms to remember that concentrating on what is/are the best practice area(s) for your law firm requires effort and focus.
I ran across a very interesting piece by a Ph.D. psychologist in this month’s issue of Law Practice Today. Cheryl Leitschuh has an article pointing out that size is not the issue, rather it’s about “focus.” Her five focus points include:
*Creating a strategic plan (this is not as intimidating as it sounds. It means determining who you are as a lawyer/law firm, what do you want to do, who are your preferred client types, and then concentrating on planning how to market to them),
*Clarity of message (after determining your/firm’s abilities, then have a clear message to convey in your written materials and verbally as to what you do for clients – e.g., I assist clients solve problems relating to real estate matters),
*Choosing a niche based on your passion (feel strongly about and enjoy the kind of work you prefer doing, for the clients you want to do it for),
*Concentrating on when to say no (turn down the junk you don’t want to do and clients you don’t respect),
*Creating value and partnerships with clients (the key to long term relationships and professional success).
Don’t waste your time trying to do everything for anyone and everyone who asks. It will only result in your practice remaining unfocused.