2020 taught us much about resilience, strength, and adaptability. The obstacles that each of us faced throw us off our game, and sometimes the stress was unbearable. But—we adapted, and some of you actually flourished in many ways.

I had clients that…

  • Grew their revenue by 40%
  • Hired a team of contract lawyers, paralegals, or assistants
  • Spent good quality time with their family like never before
  • Wrote the book they had intended to write for years
  • Became skilled on zoom to give speeches, conduct depositions, and appear in court
  • Received honors and awards
  • Picked up the guitar again and finally took lessons

And they had lots of moments that touched their heart…

  • When he took the vow… “to have and to hold—till death do us part.”
  • She heard her son giggle with delight to have mommy read a story in the middle of the day.
  • A couple stopped in the middle of the day to dance salsa before going back to their desks to work.

Every one of my clients found a silver lining in the darkness, as I’m sure you have too. View the video filled with inspiration and actionable steps to help you build upon everything you learned and the challenges you overcame to help you thrive in 2021.