I coach lawyers on the subject of business development everyday. Everyone’s path is different. Each lawyer builds on the foundation of their expertise and experience… which is almost always very impressive. They leverage their network of family, friends, colleagues and clients… which is usually a vast one. But it isn’t always comfortable to forge that path because of the voice that exists in many lawyers’ heads.  So, when it comes time to focus on business development, I ask… Who are you listening to? If you are like some of my clients I suspect you are listening to the voice in your head that is saying…

You don’t have enough experience!

You don’t have experience that every other lawyer doesn’t have!

You can’t do that!

Your friends don’t care about what you do!

Your colleagues think you’re a joke!

I can tell you with complete confidence that none of these are true about any of my clients, yet some of them listen to that voice. Are you listening to that voice? What’s my take on it? Tell that voice to get lost! Don’t listen…

You do have enough experience to develop relationships.

Not every other lawyer has the same experience you do… that is impossible.

Of course you can develop new business!

If they’re your friends they’re interested in what you do and how they can help you.

Your colleagues aren’t thinking about you… generally they’re thinking about themselves.

Own your accomplishments and your strengths. I don’t mean just acknowledge them I mean really own them. Don’t let that voice in your head diminish them for one minute. Yes, lawyers are trained to look at the negative, but in this case it serves no good purpose. It only serves to undermine your business development efforts. So tell that voice to… SHUT UP! And own your strengths! This will open the floodgates to business development success.